Willkommen auf Chiemgau Classics

Hello dear fellow petrolheads!

Thank you for visiting my website.

My goal is to build nice bikes rather than an award winning website so please excuse my lack of English. I love working on bikes much more than working at a computer and I hope the results speak for themselves. So, sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions just drop me a line and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible. My stock changes continuously so i don’t always have all my bikes listed on this site. If you’re looking for a certain model please send me a quick email as I may have one or be able to source a suitable bike for you.

What Chiemgau Classics Is All About

I love 80’s classics. These were the bikes of my youth. I am not a restorer nor do I do this professionally. I search and buy good base bikes, completely disassemble, and rebuild them. I refurbish components where applicable. I work on these bikes spending many, many hours until they look and ride like nearly new. This is my passion. I am not a collector. I LOVE to build and ride these old ladies. It’s not important to me whether these are popular or expensive. It’s the building of them that I live for.

A number of years ago I got sick and tired of not being able to find the bike I wanted…..a clean and tidy middleweight that had been part restored sufficiently to bring out the shine and performance out on the open road. It’s no problem to find a 1st class Big Zed but try and find a decent Uni-Trak, turbo or smaller capacity machine.  So. I started to build the bikes I wanted, going through the trials and tribulations a restoration can bring to a beginner like I was then. The more bikes I completed the more I learned, the results improving bike by bike until they are now up to the high standard that I now can achieve. I’m not a hardcore originalist but it’s important to me to keep the heart and soul in these classics. GPz’s, for example, have mostly olive zinked bolts. I use silver/blue zinked bolts due to a bad previous experience having rezinking carried out on bolts and springs. I choose my own colours but use quality decal sets based on the original design to keep the same basic appearance. Many people claim to love these old bikes and promise a finish which they can’t realistically offer. If a bike is restored properly you should be able to eat your dinner off even the hardest to get to areas of the bike. How many people can promise that? The back and front of the engine, under the mudguards and even the inside of the chainguard will all be pristine and as new. Even if these areas are never to be seen again it’s what I do. Am I mad? It’s what I derive great pleasure from.

If you go to bike fairs and meets you’ll see tons of the typical restored bikes but you will not find many “normal” bikes eg GPz900R, Uni-Traks etc etc that we all rode in the past. Normally nowadays these are multi-ownered bikes and generally have suffered years of neglect or minimal maintenance. It’s getting harder and harder to find good solid base bikes but I always find them from time to time. Some of these bikes in their days were technological marvels and broke speed records with the latest innovations of their day. In addition I always have one or two unrestored bikes with a healthy base as restoration projects for sale for those people who want to rebuild classics with their own hands.

I overwork near every bike. (Exceptions above). I get it until it is so good I would buy it myself. Very occasionally, though, I come across an un-restored original or 1st owner low miler. It’s great when this happens. I’m always looking for such pearls and with one of these would never do more than needed to make her safe for daily use and some minor detailing/adjustments that are always necessary.

Regardless of the size of the bike I always carry out the following at a rebuild:

Intensive Cleaning


Rubbing down bolts, axles and springs for re-zinking

Sandblasting/powdercoating between 70-120 components per bike large or small

New paint in original design and colours

New paint for wheels/forks/swingarms/disc centres etc

Full brake overhaul

New stainless steel brakelines

New gaskets where required

Deep engine maintenance incl Valve Adjustments

Ultrasonic carb cleaning

Derusting/sealing of Petrol Tank

New Quality Tyres

Bike Registration

Extended Test Drives

And a lot more….

I spend between 120-180 hours on every bike. In addition I also spend a decent sum of money bringing these bikes up to my standards. As you may imagine this does not come cheaply. I can’t sell my bikes for the same prices you can find on the internet which have been very quickly “cleaned up” but I do really try to make my machines affordable. If you look at what you may spend on a new Scooter or middleweight bike then these prices make my bike seem like bargains. I don’t sell old motorbikes. I sell timeless Classics that will actually appreciate in value thus representing a sound investment for the future.

Company History

I started Chiemagu Classics in the Spring of 2014 and I’m close to being sold out of all my bikes. Even if I buy a couple of decent bikes regularly I am not a robot. I can’t build 10 bikes a month. The standard of finish I produce takes time and passions my collection will at all times be fairly small. I build one bike after another which allows me to concentrate on the job at hand. I started off as I mentioned before with a couple of good base bikes. My passion thus far has been for several 80's Kawasakis but in the future I will concentrate on Turbo and 900R rebuilds. I had aproxm. 30 Z750 Turbos and aproxm. 20 GPZ900R's in my hands and I know this bikes until the last bolt. Also made a couple of the legendary GT750 - one of the models bike I ride in person every week. The people who so far have bought my bikes have been from Germany, Austria, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England, Scotland, France, Israel, Ireland & Hong Kong, Greece, US and Poland. These people are not just customers. They tend to become friends and come back and buy sometimes a second or even a third bike from me. I particularly love it when customers send me photo’s of their bikes. Where they go and what they do with them, knowing that bikes I have created and brought back to life is like being paid a huge salary.

Fantastic Bikes For Fantastic People

2 of my customers bikes wons trophys with my bikes on classic bike shows in the meantime. Thats very nice but the nicest thing for me is when customers enjoy riding my bikes and get old memories back.

What you can’t expect

Don’t expect perfect, flawless bling bikes. I work with my hands and |I do make errors. No mr. Perfect or mechanical genius here. Just a guy who truly loves these old ladies and loves to work on them. Once the bikes are finished there is always something.