• Kawasaki GPZ900R A8 Stunning condition - unique Sold

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    Thats a bike I builded and sold to a good customer a while ago who owns several bikes from me. He is selling this beauty now to make room for other classics. If you're interested in this bike and you are serious please email me and I connect you to the owner for further discussions between you and him.


    Very nice A8 in excellent condition. Bike had only 2 long years owners who kempt her well and garaged her all of her life. 
    All surfaces reflects the good state - even under her pantys, the frame and some bolts looks like new. Starts at the buttom and rides like she looks: excellent.
    I overworked this bike very carefully to keep the original character and most of her parts. I deassembled her deeply to clean and overwork her parts. I added a new fairingholder becouse old one don't looked like new again and had slight rust in the edges. I exchanged a lot of bolts, axles etc. with original 900R bolts rezinked and thefootpegplates and frontfender soon get professional polished becouse this parts get ugly matgrey due the age.
    The paint on engine, fork, swingarm, frame is original - even the red/black paint is original. I just give her a professional new clearcoat to bring the like new gloss back. Seat gots a new cover (9R seats are allways cracked on the sides between tank and seat) and I couldn't stand the red wheels on this paintsheme - so the rims get professionally laquered in gold gloss. Brandnew tires, windshield, sprocket/chainset excellent, new maintenance. Front brakediscs have nearly no wear and the engine is strong and healthy - no nasty sidenoises. Fueltank is sealed with clear resin. Excellent original exhaust. 2 original keys fitting in all locks.
    If you want a superbike legend you can ride the next 20 years (if you kempt her well) - you just found her. There are more 900Rs around like Z1'sbut GOOD 900Rs are much rarer than the most typical collectors bikes. You get a well running and stunning looking superbike from the 80's and a good investment for the future for a price of a new 400cc!
    The paintsheme with the golden wheels make this bike uinque and very elegant looking - even if near any part is original and 95% of paint is original.
    It's very rare to get a 900R in this state. She is not flawless but very close.