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  • CC quit with bikes and sell out stock

    Hello All,

    I am shifting my focus from motorbikes to old Benz cars and gradually reducing my involvement with motorbikes. I have been in the motorbike business for a long time and feel that it's time for a change. I have always had a great passion for restoring and dealing with old bikes, and over the years, I have built a strong customer base that has turned into great friendships.

    My bikes have been sold to over 20 countries and have won numerous trophies at shows. I am grateful for the joy that the past years have brought me, working with genuine petrolheads who share the same passion as me.

    However, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer landscape has changed. Customers have higher expectations, but they are not willing to pay the correct and necessary prices for the work and bikes. Some customers have also been rude, which has affected my motivation to continue working on bikes for such people. Although the motorbike business has never been my primary source of income, it has always been my main passion for many years.

    In the late 1990s, I dealt with classic cars, but my passion for 80's Kawas grew and became my main hobby. Now, the opposite is true, and I am increasingly excited to rework old SLs and G Wagons. Similar to the bikes, it will not be a big business or quantity, just one car at a time, taking as much time as needed to bring the cars back to their former glory.

    I will sell the remaining bikes in my stock over time and will not purchase any new ones in the future, except for myself. I want to thank all my loyal customers and friends for the great times we had working together, but every era must come to an end.

    Thank you!



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